How to Measure

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How to Install

Prepare a Drill with square drill bit, blinds with brackets, and screws provided.

Roller blind

1. Nail both brackets at the same level on to each corner of the window frame. Male bracket goes to the control side, and vice versa.
2. Clip the control side of the blind with the chain on to the bracket and make sure the sticking metal parts are going into the side winder.
3. Clip in the other side of the bracket by putting the pin inside the female bracket.
4. Taking off your blinds from the brackets : As you wind the spiky part of the blind the metal pin will go inside the blind. Pull the blind down from the bracket and then the blinds will be off the brackets.

Vertical blind

1. Screw the bracket on the top window frame (Left, Middle and Right).
2. Put the front side of vertical rail on the bracket by matching the end, and press up the rear part of the rail.
4. Put the top part of each slat onto each carrier on the rail. You will have to push until you hear two “clicking” sounds.


Cleaning Blockout fabric is simply brushing off using a duster once a week. Also wipe down with wet clean clothes with lukewarm water to remove the grease or finger marks etc., but severe rubbing should be avoided. White spirits may be used for spot cleaning. Methylated spirits and dry cleaning solvent must not be used to avoid the fabrics fading.

Sunscreen and thermal fabric should be regularly dusted / vacuumed as appropriate; maybe wiped with warm water. Even if fabrics are mould resistant, keep the windows/doors regularly cleaned as there will be a lot of moisture created on the frames overnight.